"Faith comes from hearing the Word of Christ."
RM 10:17
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What is HeWo?

A fun way to learn about God

HeWo is a connected Christian audio player paired with the parents mobile app.

With HeWo, parents can give their children access to an unlimited library of content produced by trusted Christian publishers.

Parents can also control the content their children listen to or subscribe to our monthly selection that adapts to the child's age and the liturgical season.

Who is it for?

For Kids Age 3-12

HeWo is designed especially for children aged 3-12.

With the app, we can tailor the content to your child's age, faith denomination, and stage of faith formation. The content will deepen and grow with children until they are 12.

Fun and Virtuous
Why Audio

Healthy Brain Development

Audio players help cognitive development, concentration, imagination, vocabulary, memorization, autonomy and promotes the learning of new languages. HeWo also keeps children free from screens, ads, and unsuitable content.

Why Christian content?

Making it Easier To Know and Love Jesus

Childhood is a sensitive period for encountering God and to bring forth vocations. HeWo helps prepare children for a personal encounter with Jesus by giving them a fun and engaging way to experience the Bible and other teachings.



Our Mission

Opening Ears & Hearts to the Word of God

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it." Pr 6:22

One day, while praying with her daughter in her arms, Viviana wondered how she was going to raise her kids in a Christo-centric home. She then received a crystal clear calling: "Help children to pray and know Jesus".

At the very same moment, she had the idea of a 100% Christian Audio player. Just a couple of months later, Viviana quit her Job to pursue HeWo full time, and she's never looked back.

Coming Soon

Pre-Sales Beginning September 2024

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